• Security
  • IT Tech
  • Telecom Tech
  • FinTech
  • Robotics
  • Mobility
  • Energy Tech
  • Construction Tech
  • Health Tech
  • Sustainability

Stages of the Contest

1st stage. Concluding the Participation Agreement, providing application and video presentation (up to 3 minutes) before 20 September 2019.
2nd stage. The Contest Jury evaluates the supplied documents and materials and expresses its opinion on including a product/project into the 3rd stage of the Contest up to the 1 October 2019.
3rd stage. The Contest nominees personally present the product/project to the Contest Jury. During the presentation the experts of the Jury listen to the 5 minutes presentation and ask questions during 5 minutes.
Evaluation criteria of the products/projects: innovation, efficiency, performance effectiveness. After the discussion the Jury sums up the presentations, the list of the Contest laureates is prepared and the Jury decides on the winners with the simply majority of the Jury’s members present.
4th stage. Awarding. The Contest nominees, having gone through all the stages become Laureates. The Contest Laureates are awarded the medal “Guarantee of Quality and Safety” with the right to use the logo of the medal (logo is a registered trademark) while labeling the product (project/product documentation) and the Contest Certificate.
The Jury nominates the Winner of the Contest to get the First Prize of the Contest.