GCS (АО “Systematic Group”) took part in the Forum Say Future: Security work. Experts of the company made a report at section “Anti-terror: Security of Objects and Infrastructure” and became members of the Jury of “National Security” contest, which took place within the framework of the Forum.

In his report “Providing Security in Crowded Places” Mr. Vladimir Shelepov, the GCS Vice President for Strategic Development of Integrated Security Division, touched upon a number of practical issues of ensuring anti-terrorism security, including the safety of crowded places, as well as critical, potentially dangerous objects .

The main threat in places of mass stay is the threat of terrorist acts, the forms and methods of which are constantly updated. The current task of today is to take into account all types of security threats, to develop solutions aimed at their rapid detection, localization, suppression.

Ensuring the safety and security of places of mass stay of citizens is a priority task of the state. At present the most clearly and harmoniously built legislation exists in the field of security during sports competitions. The Government-approved Security Code for such competitions regulates not only technical requirements for security systems, but also relationships between the organizers of these competitions, owners of mass-stay places, which are the venues of the competitions, law enforcement agencies and federal executive bodies.

An integrated, systematic approach to ensuring security and safety of places for mass stay of people is a key factor of success. A real breakthrough was the decisions taken during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi and the FIFA 2018 World Cup matches, namely the introduction of FAN ID at sports facilities. The identification of spectators of these sports events when selling tickets and entering sports facilities significantly reduced the risks associated with possible violations of public order, and the work itself was carried out starting from the border of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Shelepov: “Major international sports events in Russia have become a driver for the development of legislation in the field of security at sports events. At the same time, the legislation in the field of security of other mass events, for example, cultural ones, does not differ in depth of elaboration. Separately, it is necessary to note the need for maximum integration of modern technical systems in order to exchange data and forecast the likelihood of the occurrence of certain threats, which is in line with the strategic direction of “digitalization” of our country. GCS specialists are ready to actively participate in a comprehensive solution to the task of ensuring the safety of places of mass stay of people. The accumulated experience and competencies allow us to be useful both in the area of improving the regulatory framework and in the design and implementation of integrated security systems at public events sites and facilities”.

Within the framework of the Say Future: Security Forum was organized and held the National Security Contest, where 61 participants in 10 nominations presented their projects, developments and innovative products to the authoritative Contest Jury. The Jury of the competition, along with other leading experts in the field of security, included Mr. Andrey Prozorov, Head of the Systematica Expert-Technical Department of the Integrated Security Systems..