Skolkovo resident companies took part in the Say Future: Security Forum – the new information security event held on October 24-25, as part of the largest International State Security Exhibition Interpolitex.

At the event were represented the following companies:

- StreamLabs. Software for satellite, cable and OTT operators, TV channels, which solves the problem of multi-channel multi-format instrumental and visual monitoring, recording, analytics of an unlimited number of sources of video, audio signals, TV services and TV channels.

- Hamster Robotics. The company develops collaborative industrial manipulators and children's educational robots.

- Videointellect. The new generation system of predictive video analytics for recognition of objects and people designed for various sectors of the market,. Efficiency through a unique scientific method of development allows you to solve municipal and business problems at a previously inaccessible level.

- Intellectual Security. Their product «Security Vision»: controlled information security of our customers for reliable business operation.

- ISS. Situation centre based on the expert system (ES) providing analysis and forecasting of situations, decision making support using AI methods.

- Prosoft Biometrics. Complexes of biometric identification of a person by the palm recognition.

- Altel Leo. Protected network equipment.

Besides within the framework of the Say Future: Security Forum was held a special section devoted to collaborative robotics. The section was moderated by Mr. Pavel Krivozubov, Head of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Department of Skolkovo Foundation. As major speakers were invited authiritative experts in the field of robotics – Mr. Dmitry Teteryukov, Head of the Robotics Laboratory Skoltech, his master’s student, Mr. Ivan Kalinov and the Head of the NPO Mashinostroyenit Svarog, Mr. Alexander Titov. The section addressed issues of the development of collaborative robotics in the world, as well as measures to support Russian robotics. Also, the speakers told about their projects in this area.

Pavel Krivozubov, Head of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Department of Skolkovo Foundation:«In order for domestic robotics to develop, it is necessary to organize effective mechanisms for the rapid development and commercialization of companies».

Mr. Dmitry Teteryukov, Head of the Robotics Laboratory Skoltech: «Robotic technologies, as a rule, are created on the basis of universities».

Ivan Kalinov, WareVision project manager, Skoltech: «It takes a lot of time and energy to make an inventory in large companies. And we came up with a solution that could help simplify this process».

Alexander Titov, head of the NPO Mashinostroyenie Svarog: «The growth of large farms, the consolidation of a land bank and the shortage of personnel leads to an increase in the demand for heavy energy-rich robotic agricultural tractors».