The topic of my presentation at Say Future was devoted to the current trends in the development of economic crime in the country. According to the statistical information of law enforcement agencies and our data, we can see that in the country there is an increase in the share of fraud committed with the help of Internet technologies.

In order to effectively counter the further growth of crimes causing financial damage to citizens, enterprises and the state, law enforcement agencies need to adjust their investigation techniques and private security services should complicate their risk identification models, which will require innovative informational and analytical products and solutions.

One of the activity areas of the Internet-Rozysk (Search) company is the creation of such modern tools. For example, our product TelPoisk is already actively used to assess business risks and investigate crimes committed using high technologies.

We would like to thank all the team of the Say Future organizers, and personally Sergey Marichev and Nikolai Marichev for creating this ultra-modern security event!

Currently important topics and issues, lively discussions, charismatic and professional speakers, unprecedented lighting design for such a format and all visual effects and solutions in general. Everybody can see that colossal and very well coordinated work was done by the event organizers!

Thank you for the pleasant impressions! With the greatest interest we are waiting to see what this creative team will prepare for the security sector next year!