There are just a few days left before completion of order taking on a competition of projects in the field of information security, video analytics and telemetry!


The purpose of Skolkovo Cybersecurity Challenge competition is to support the development of the best projects and protection solutions in cyber security field.

There are 13 nominations presented for this year:

• new solutions of fraud management;

• development of new methods of systems' analysis for search and detection of vulnerabilities;

• visualization of difficult multidimensional incidents data arrays;

• User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA);

• safety of the Internet of things and safety of cars;

• solutions directed to counteraction of APT-attacks vectors in web and mobile applications;

• Digital Rights Management;

• new biometric systems and systems of identification;

• control systems of life cycle of incidents of IB and visualization of incidents reports;

• bait-systems for malefactors (honeypots);

• BI systems for security support;

• quantum cryptography and telecommunications;

• new approaches and solutions in information security field.

Individual researchers, independent teams, technological companies, small and medium-sized engineering companies and representatives of scientific community are invited to take part in the competition.

The projects will be estimated by leading experts in cyber security field.

The joint competition with “Caesar Satellite” company on the best projects in such directions as video analytics and telemetry is announced within Skolkovo Cybersecurity Challenge competition this year. Projects of this track are approved in the following nominations:

• provision of security with the use of video analytics;

• provision of security on the basis of car telemetry analytics;

• Big Data, machine learning and AI-based solutions with the use of telemetry of housing and public utilities sensors for clients' safety;

• assessment of probability of troubling event happening for protected objects with the use of Big Data, ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies;

• on-the-move safety of drivers on the basis of Android/iOs smartphone (mobile application algorithm);

• provision of security with the help of video analytics for the use of data collected from IP-cameras of video surveillance system (network).

Winners will be awarded with prizes from organizers and partners of the event:

•3 best projects will receive minigrant financing of 5 million rubles each (on condition of obtaining the status of "Skolkovo" participant by the winner and passing of the corresponding procedures according to regulations of the Fund; the quantity of prize-winning places can be increased up to 5 by special solution of the jury);

• a prize of 1 million rubles and also piloting of the solution within the infrastructure of Rostelecom;

• a prize of 150 thousand rubles + possibility of contract signing on custom development with InfoTeKS company;

• invitation to present the solution to the heads of IB divisions of the largest Russian enterprises of industrial sector of economy at a meeting of "Information Security in production sector" club;

• testing on the "Infosistemy Jett" platform, inclusion of the solution in a product portfolio of the integrator with allocation of the manager responsible for pre-sale preparation and also an opportunity to perform as speaker to present the product at the annual Jet Security Conference 2019;

• a special prize from Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects and also a signing of the contract on research works implementation;

• piloting of the solution within the infrastructure of Russian Post;

• Partner package for the BIS Summit Moscow conference;

• a special prize from Kaspersky Lab;

• a special prize from Sberbank.

Winners of video analytics and telemetry direction of "Caesar Satellite"competition will be awarded win cash prizes and will also get the guaranteed order for implementation of the project.

Organizers of Skolkovo Cybersecurity Challenge – "Skolkovo" Foundation and "National Research Nuclear University of MEPhI (NIYaU MEPhI). This year partners of the event are: Sberbank of Russia, Russian Post, Rostelecom, Infosistemy Jett, Kaspersky Lab, Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects, InfoTeKS, Nornickel, InfoWatch.

Key dates of Skolkovo Cybersecurity Challenge:

• 8 April – competition order taking deadline.

• 29 April – correspondence selection and definition of finalists deadline;

• 29 May – competition internal final and definition of winners.

Detailed competition information is presented on the website below: