6 key trends

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AI Innovation implementation, predicative control, mathematical modeling, 4D-technollogies. Automated process control systems.
Facilities for transmission of electrical and thermal energy, Industrial equipment, using nuclear and electromagnetic field technologies, Innovation microelectronics and instrumentation, Alternative Energy Equipment.
Connectivity and integration. Principles of design and engineering. Resource saving and energy efficient technologies, Alternative energy reproduction technologies, safety technologies for energy industry.
Innovative power industry
Wireless electricity transmitting, Gas lines, Green energy (wind, hydro, sun, atmosphere-based). Osmotic stations, Magnetomechanical power booster, powers units of dynamic superconductivity, Closed Circuits, High power plasma systems, Mass-free ejections engines, Induction heaters, Centrifugal heat generators, Cold fusion in nuclear power.
Workshop for IT Department, Technology Department Heads of energy sphere
Methods and practice for development of technology process managememnt systems. Experience sharing.
Legal practice
Legal cases and solutions.

Demo zone

#Demo_ZONE- ready-made and alternative solutions for the cost optimization for energy reproduction, management and use.
Thematic sections
IT solutions for management, industrial mathematical modeling, 4-D technologies
Electricity industry
Innovative energy saving
Power grid innovations
Innovations in oil and gas industry
Alternative energy
Energy safety
Environmentally friendly technologies
Industry solutions
Refining industry
Energy producing companies
Industrial and municipal users
R&D organizations
Extractive companies
Industrial construction
Eco-monitoring, expertise and eco safety organizations

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For the second year we provide the most up-to-date and relevant solutions to make your business modern, effective and protected using future technologies. We provide real and effective practical cases not only from leading companies and state bodies, but also from start-ups at the tech peak.

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