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It solutions
For Transport, Logistics, IoT solutions, AI and Artificial Intuition solutions
Self-driving vehicles, Robots, Drones, Equipment and systems for Smart City, Transport and Logistics Hubs.
Connectivity and integration. Priciples of engineering: transparency and manageability. Maintanance and servicing.
Transport Hubs
Multiple challenges of mobility sphere high standards for productivity, interaction and safety.
Workshop for IT Department Heads
Methods and practice for IT infrastructure development of transport hubs, logistics centers, servicing companies and municipal IT departments. Experience sharing.
Legal practice
Legal cases and solutions.

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Demo zone

#Demo_ZONE - ready-made solutions for modern mobility and "Smart City" infrastructure.
Thematic sections
Smart city
Artificial intuition and AI
Self-driving cars
Industry solutions
State and private logistics companies
City infrastructure services
Wharehouse logistics
Managing companies for transport networks and hubs
International logistics

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For the second year we provide the most up-to-date and relevant solutions to make your business modern, effective and protected using future technologies. We provide real and effective practical cases not only from leading companies and state bodies, but also from start-ups at the tech peak.

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