Konstantin Lazarev

Military reporter, host of the programs "Battle March" (TV channel "TVC") and "Military Secret" (TV channel "REN")

Today, the equipment market has significantly expanded. At present besides traditional customers from various divisions of the law enforcement agencies, are regularly emerging new subjects and segments. In particular, entertaining military field games, such as airsoft, paintball, laser tag and others are actively developing now. Their fans are willing to spend serious money on the purchase of high-quality outfit and equipment.

However, together with the increase in demand, there are more and more problems facing the manufacturers and consumers of these products.

In particular: how to build a direct dialogue between manufacturers and users of their products? What mechanisms are needed today to improve the quality and ergonomics of the goods? What preferences do (and should) be introduced for domestic players so that they can increase their market share? — answers to all these and other questions will be given by experts within the framework of the "Outfit and Equipment" platform.

Equipment (discussion)